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The Matrix Project

Welcome to the Matrix project on R-Forge, home of R packages Matrix and MatrixModels. These provide S4 classes and methods for representing, operating on, and modelling with sparse and dense matrices. Since R version 2.9.0, Matrix has belonged to a list of "recommended" packages bundled in standard installations of R (in the default library, alongside base). Hence it is typically possible to load a version of Matrix "out of the box" (with, as usual, library(Matrix)).


The latest release and development versions of Matrix can be installed from CRAN and R-Forge, respectively, with:

> install.packages("Matrix")
> install.packages("Matrix", repos = "http://R-Forge.R-project.org")

Older release versions are preserved in the CRAN archive.

Note that source installation (as opposed to binary installation) requires compilers and other tools; see manual R Installation and Administration for platform-specific details.


Indices of available help topics, data sets, and vignettes can be accessed with:

> help(package = "Matrix")
> data(package = "Matrix")
> vignette(package = "Matrix")

Passing help_type = "html" to help renders a hyperlinked version of the index in your browser. Because Matrix is "recommended", its index is also hosted here. (The version is that which is bundled in the latest release of R. It will be recent but need not be current.)

Doxygen-generated documentation for the C sources of Matrix is hosted here. Do nudge maintainer("Matrix") if it seems to be severely out of date.

Slides for past talks about the Matrix project are hosted here.

Browsing the source code

The Matrix project is maintained in a Subversion ("SVN") repository. If you have installed Subversion and have svn on your PATH, then you can check out the latest development version of Matrix with:

$ svn checkout [-r REV] svn://svn.r-forge.r-project.org/svnroot/matrix/pkg/Matrix [DEST]

where, optionally, REV and DEST specify a revision number and destination path. Without Subversion, one can browse the repository using R-Forge's ViewVC interface or download a tarball produced by R CMD build from CRAN or R-Forge:

> download.packages("Matrix", ".", type = "source")
> download.packages("Matrix", ".", type = "source", repos = "http://R-Forge.R-project.org")

Bug reports and feature requests

The Matrix project uses trackers provided by R-Forge to manage bug reports and feature requests. An R-Forge user account is required to post. Once logged in, select an appropriate tracker and click "Submit New". Before posting, do verify that your issue exists under the latest development version of the relevant package.