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t_gCMatrix_colSums.c File Reference
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#define ColSUM_column(_i1_, _i2_, _SUM_)


SEXP gCMatrix_colSums (SEXP x, SEXP NArm, SEXP spRes, SEXP trans, SEXP means)
 colSums(), colMeans(), rowSums() and rowMeans() for all sparce *gCMatrix()es More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define ColSUM_column (   _i1_,
_SUM_ = _i2_ - _i1_; \
if(mn) _SUM_ /= cx->nrow

Definition at line 145 of file t_gCMatrix_colSums.c.

Referenced by gCMatrix_colSums().

Function Documentation

SEXP gCMatrix_colSums ( SEXP  x,
SEXP  spRes,
SEXP  trans,
SEXP  means 

colSums(), colMeans(), rowSums() and rowMeans() for all sparce *gCMatrix()es

xa ?gCMatrix, i.e. sparse column-compressed Matrix
NArmlogical indicating if NA's should be remove 'na.rm' in R
spReslogical = 'sparseResult' indicating if result should be sparse
translogical: TRUE <==> row[Sums/Means] <==> compute col*s( t(x) )
meanslogical: TRUE <==> compute [row/col]Means() , not *Sums()

Definition at line 160 of file t_gCMatrix_colSums.c.

References ALLOC_SLOT(), AS_CHM_SP__, c, ColSUM_column, Matrix_DimNamesSym, Matrix_iSym, Matrix_lengthSym, and Matrix_xSym.

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