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4 #include <R_ext/Lapack.h>
5 #include "Mutils.h"
7 SEXP dtrMatrix_norm(SEXP obj, SEXP type);
8 SEXP dtrMatrix_rcond(SEXP obj, SEXP type);
9 SEXP dtrMatrix_solve(SEXP a);
10 SEXP dtrMatrix_chol2inv(SEXP a);
11 SEXP dtrMatrix_matrix_solve(SEXP a, SEXP b);
12 SEXP dtrMatrix_matrix_mm (SEXP a, SEXP b, SEXP right, SEXP trans);
13 SEXP dtrMatrix_dtrMatrix_mm(SEXP a, SEXP b, SEXP right, SEXP trans);
14 SEXP dtrMatrix_as_dgeMatrix(SEXP from);
15 SEXP dtrMatrix_as_matrix(SEXP from, SEXP keep_dimnames);
16 SEXP dtrMatrix_as_dtpMatrix(SEXP from);
17 SEXP dtrMatrix_addDiag(SEXP x, SEXP d);
18 SEXP dtrMatrix_getDiag(SEXP x);
19 SEXP ltrMatrix_getDiag(SEXP x);
20 SEXP dtrMatrix_setDiag(SEXP x, SEXP d);
21 SEXP ltrMatrix_setDiag(SEXP x, SEXP d);
23 #endif
SEXP dtrMatrix_matrix_mm(SEXP a, SEXP b, SEXP right, SEXP trans)
Matrix products dense triangular Matrices o
Definition: dtrMatrix.c:110
SEXP dtrMatrix_setDiag(SEXP x, SEXP d)
Definition: dtrMatrix.c:296
SEXP dtrMatrix_norm(SEXP obj, SEXP type)
Definition: dtrMatrix.c:36
SEXP dtrMatrix_as_matrix(SEXP from, SEXP keep_dimnames)
Definition: dtrMatrix.c:236
SEXP ltrMatrix_setDiag(SEXP x, SEXP d)
Definition: dtrMatrix.c:300
SEXP dtrMatrix_matrix_solve(SEXP a, SEXP b)
Definition: dtrMatrix.c:82
SEXP dtrMatrix_chol2inv(SEXP a)
Definition: dtrMatrix.c:65
SEXP dtrMatrix_getDiag(SEXP x)
Definition: dtrMatrix.c:267
SEXP dtrMatrix_as_dgeMatrix(SEXP from)
SEXP dtrMatrix_as_dtpMatrix(SEXP from)
Definition: dtrMatrix.c:319
SEXP dtrMatrix_rcond(SEXP obj, SEXP type)
Definition: dtrMatrix.c:41
SEXP dtrMatrix_solve(SEXP a)
Definition: dtrMatrix.c:55
SEXP dtrMatrix_addDiag(SEXP x, SEXP d)
Definition: dtrMatrix.c:304
SEXP dtrMatrix_dtrMatrix_mm(SEXP a, SEXP b, SEXP right, SEXP trans)
Matrix products of dense triangular Matrices.
Definition: dtrMatrix.c:160
SEXP ltrMatrix_getDiag(SEXP x)
Definition: dtrMatrix.c:271