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cs_utils.h File Reference
#include "cs.h"
#include "Mutils.h"
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#define AS_CSP(x)    Matrix_as_cs((CSP)alloca(sizeof(cs)), x, TRUE)
#define AS_CSP__(x)   Matrix_as_cs((CSP)alloca(sizeof(cs)), x, FALSE)


typedef csCSP


CSP Matrix_as_cs (CSP ans, SEXP x, Rboolean check_Udiag)
SEXP Matrix_cs_to_SEXP (CSP A, char *cl, int dofree, SEXP dn)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define AS_CSP (   x)    Matrix_as_cs((CSP)alloca(sizeof(cs)), x, TRUE)

Definition at line 12 of file cs_utils.h.

Referenced by dgCMatrix_qrsol(), dtCMatrix_matrix_solve(), and dtCMatrix_sparse_solve().

#define AS_CSP__ (   x)    Matrix_as_cs((CSP)alloca(sizeof(cs)), x, FALSE)

Typedef Documentation

typedef cs* CSP

Definition at line 7 of file cs_utils.h.

Function Documentation

CSP Matrix_as_cs ( CSP  ans,
SEXP  x,
Rboolean  check_Udiag 
SEXP Matrix_cs_to_SEXP ( CSP  A,
char *  cl,
int  dofree,
SEXP  dn